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My Platform

1/ Fiscal Accountability

As a tax payer myself, I expect governments to spend our public dollars carefully and thoughtfully. Fiscal responsibility and transparency are crucial for me and as your school trustee, I will hold the school board accountable for every dollar spent and that they are spent well on your behalf.

2 /Safe and Healthy Learning Environment

At the heart of every parent, lies deep concern for the safety and health of their children at school. It will continue to be my top priority to research and deliver ways to create a safer and healthier learning environment for our students.

3 /A 21st Century Education

We live in exponential times. We are currently educating our children to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems yet. We can’t continue to undermine the importance in bringing our classrooms to the 21st century. I will work towards modernizing our schools.

4/ Fairness and Opportunities

Every time I go into the classroom and see my students from all walks of life, I’m reminded of how every single one of them deserve access to good quality education. My first and foremost mandate as your school trustee will be to advocate for our children, so they all have the opportunity to succeed.

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