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Zoe Royer, Port Moody Councillor

I’m proud to endorse Lisa Park for school trustee. She is kind-hearted, honest and a teacher by profession. Her genuine compassion for others, dedication and integrity contribute greatly to high quality education and our children’s future.


Keith Chong, Assistant Superintendent

I have known and worked with Lisa Park for over 13 years. During that time, I have observed Lisa Park develop her multiple talents and skills as a teacher and School Trustee. Lisa Park is an effective advocate for educational rights of students, parents and teachers. She has the knowledge, skills and experience to “hit the ground running” on day one of her term. I therefore fully endorse Lisa Park as an outstanding candidate for School Trustee for Port Moody.


Rhea Park, School District Student

Ms. Park is kind and caring and makes learning fun. When I get frustrated with some classroom projects, Ms. Park explains until I understand. She is a very patient teacher.


Amy Lubik, Port Moody Councillor

Lisa Park is a hard working, caring and thoughtful school trustee with invaluable insights into the education systems and the needs of the students because of her background as a teacher. She also brings a lens to include diversity and equity into decision-making, which is critical for ensuring our children all receive the kind of education to help them thrive.


Gilberto Austria, School District IT Administrator

Lisa knows how the school system works and what issues can be improved upon. Lisa seeks out new ideas and listens to different perspectives as she develops reasonable positions. She is also approachable and engaged, and is genuinely committed to serving the citizens of Port Moody well.

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